Prescription Pad 3.0

Electronic / Computerized Prescription Writing was never been so easy. Simplify Prescription Writing by Prescription Pad 3.0, An Ultimate Prescription Writing, Clinic Management & Practice Management Software. Automatic Maintenance of Patient’s EMR with Complete Reporting Facilities.

Drug Intraction may Make Your treatment less effective or cause unexpected side effects which may be some time life threatening.You can reduce the risk of potentially harmful Drug intractions and side effects with the use of this utility which is free of charge.

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Provided Features

»  Automatic interaction checking

»  Automatic check for Drug Allergy

»  Check for Drug safety for child, elderly, pregnancy, lactation, hepatic insufficiency, renal insufficiency, pulmonary insufficiency

»   Checks safety for individual diseases

»  Checks for Drug Duplication

»  Substitute or alternate Medicines

»  Ready-Made Prescriptions with provision to add further.

»  Educational / disease / diet / exercise handouts

Write 100% Safe & First Rate Prescriptions Backed by Complete Medical / Pharmacological Information’s of Drugs & Brands from Indian/ UK / USA Pharmacopeia.
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