Dear friends,

It had been my long cherished dream to develop a software which could be called as clinician’s companion in true sense & help them in every respect to write safe, fool proof & first rate prescriptions. After 7 years of hard work we have launched “PRESCRIPTION PAD” medical software for safe prescription writing which is unique in every respect.

Prescription writing is not merely putting few drug names on a piece of paper rather it is an art which can be attained only after years of experience, hard work & sound knowledge of the basic subject. In the “PRESCRIPTION PAD” software, computer automatically checks for drug allergies, drug duplication & drug safety for individual diseases like G6PD, Porphyria etc as well as drug safety in case of pregnancy, lactation, children, elderly, liver insufficiency, renal insufficiency & pulmonary insufficiency. During the course of prescription writing, software checks patient's family, personal & past history also and gives warning tips from time to time for best evidence based treatment protocols and safe prescription. For the software, we had compiled complete drug database of Indian as well as British & USA drugs. Presently in INDIA there may be only 5% doctors who are using computers for their practice taking advantage of the technology. Hence we have launched this compilation to help those doctors who are not using computer, write safe prescription.

We shortly would be launching electronic version of the database on CD and for the smart phones, a down loadable application so that it is available in every format for the convenience of the users. So far in Indian market there is no drug database which has complete information of every drug & can be used as ready reckoner. The available drug manuals have very concise information and sometimes incomplete. In “Drugs-A2Z”, drug information is quite comprehensive and includes synopsis of complete monographs & is compiled in such a way that its takes only a minute to go through a record. I am sure it is useful for the prescribing doctors in their day to day practice and would welcome any new ideas to improve it further.

The British brands would have (UK) in front of them & USA brands would have (US) in front of them.


Dr. Anil Vij