PHARMA-ELITE is a feature-rich, easy and reliable solution, designed to fit different business sizes and day-to-day needs of traders at different levels in the supply chain
Pharma-eLite - The Windows based solution for Retailers, Distributors and C & F
All in One Productivity System
Prevent Stock Out (Loss on Sale), Prevent Excess Stock (Loss on Interest), Prevent Pilferage
Easy to Learn & Simple to Use Solution - No extensive computer training required. Designed for operators and experts alike
Brings total control on the Business
Powerful data and user administration - Bar-code Hospital Module
Purchase - Order right products, right quantity - and track the status of your POs
Accounting - Generate your accounting statements on a real time basis
MIS. - Get the right mix of Medicine and General Items
Local Area Network - Use it on a standalone PC and also on a LAN Network upto 10 terminals
Cost-effective- Improved Cash Flows, Operational Cost Savings
Inventory (Stock) Management - Get an up-to-date status on stocks for Sale, In Godown, Keep right stocks, rotate stocks, expiry management

Sales Module
Using Sales module various sales transactions can be recorded, sales bills can be generated manually or automatically, party-wise sales statement can be generated.

»  Delivery Note - Pool items from all Sales Invoices per product Quotation for Institutional Sales

»  Online Cash Box status - Right change tendered, Tally Cash status at any time

»  Maintain Billing Norms, Right taxes discounts, item Code, Batch number, Buyer details etc.

»  Define Schemes and access this info during Sales

»   Power to efficiently scale Counter sales, Credit sales - Multiple transaction at a time

»   Quick, Accurate and Crisp / Detailed Bills

»  Choose from range of Similar Product

»   One way Traffic and Two way Traffic

»   Online Updating of Stocks

»  Periodic Statements

»  Online short-list updating

»  Bill monitoring

»  Total security of transactions

»  Transact with Bar-code - least errors during Sale

»  Store current Location of the products

»  Classify stocks based on Batch stocks

»  Choice between Multiple MRP

»   Buy strips - sell loose

»  Customized bill printing

Pharma-eLite Offers
Various utilities are provided which will help user in managing the data.

»  Backup Restore (Reminder for backups)

»  Support and Regular upgrades of portal data & software

»  Easy to install and maintain, easy to upgrade

»  Manage users and privileges

»  User Guide and Online Help

»  User Guide and Online Help

»  Complete set of features to meet all your requirements

»  Facilities to customize the data and programs

»  Up-to-date Information