Individual Electronic Health Record(IEHR) is a software to maintain record of an individual person.

This is the first of its kind in the world in Portable Health Records for the use of a single individual (except women, who can keep their children’s health records up to the age of 16), designed by a Physician for use on any simple PC / Laptop / Tablet PC / I-Pad. The same software will also be loaded on the PCs of the doctors to keep a back up on their PC / Laptop, etc. Both software and health records including all medical images and photographs of the individual are in the same medium (A Pen / Thumb drive of 4 GB capacity).
This EMBEDDED SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY is commensurate with the Technological Developments taking place in all walks of Life. Your organization will be Proud & Happy to use this unique software. It is very simple to use without the need for much training.

Features of IEHR-2020

  • ♣  Highlights of past health for a quick understanding of the patient’s total health condition even by a new doctor.
  • ♣  Quick answers to any query by doctors on past health through the unique query module.
  • ♣  Uniquely standardized health files for international use as suggested and accepted by WHO.
  • ♣  Special health files for women (gynecology, obstetric history, antenatal & delivery Records).
  • ♣  Special health files for children (birth, growth, immunization and illness records)
  • ♣  Results and Reports of all kinds of tests including images, graphs & video files.