Third Party

What is TPA?

Third Party Administration (TPA) is a service given to a Mediclaim policyholder by providing cashless facility for all hospitalisations that come under the scope of his/her Mediclaim policy

What are the benefits of TPA to a policyholder?

The policy holder will have full freedom to choose the hospitals from our empanelled network and utilise the services as per his choice · For every hospitalisation, the policyholder will be well aware whether the treatment he is to undergo is covered under his policy or not. If covered, then he can seek cashless facility without having to pay a single rupee at any of TTK Network hospitals. · During the time of Emergency Hospitalisation, the policyholder or relative can flash the Photo ID Card of the policyholder and gain admission into any of our network hospitals. · Priority treatment at hospital is given without any payment to be made at the any time of admission. So also at the time of discharge, no payments to be made. Thus, a complete CASHLESS TREATMENT. Thus, the Individual does not run around for arranging cash for paying for the hospital expenses.

What are the facilities offered by a TPA?

»  Assuring a Priority and Quality Treatment at Network Hospitals.

»  Ensuring solutions to all queries at any time related to Hospital Networks.

»  Assistance in providing Ambulance Services during Emergency

»  Speedy claim settlement in case the policy holder has been treated from a non-network hospital